Kerry and LunaThe first few things that come to mind, as I begin to introduce myself, is that I am mother of three, step mum of two, a wife and partner to Dave, a sister, friend, confidante to many, master of two dogs and, to my cat, a slave.

In a funny way that says it all – it is my identity as ‘Kerry’, but also my soul’s manifestation and expression. I am a mother, and this is part of the archetypal energy I bring to the table in my work with clients. In deep soul partnership, uncompromising honesty and positive regard, healing journeys are nurtured. I can be straightforward, especially when faced with a person’s self-destructive behaviour – but always with good heart driving my words or actions. I am passionate (must be the Irish in me!), compassionate, intuitive, sensitive and, at times, rudely funny – humour is a great healer.

Professionally, I am blessed to be doing a job that fits with the integrity of my soul’s purpose – I am a healer. I can dress myself in different faces depending on who is looking. Part of my Piscean way means I can be a little chameleon, deliberately, in order to ‘meet and greet’ in a comfort zone for a client. This is not false; I thank my wide ranging experience of the human world, rubbing shoulders with all manner of people. I can find parts of me that actually resonate on the client’s level and this helps me build a natural rapport. I am a Gestalt psychotherapist and counsellor, and that face is met by people who identify with that need. I am an energy healer for others who feel value in that. The amalgam of my training modalities offers a fluid medium for me to swim in. I am privileged to be allowed to be so ‘up close and personal’ with individuals as they face some of their hardest times – I am humbled.

I like challenges, and enjoy the coalface work of stressed situations and people. In this difficult environment that Mother Nature has unleashed I am relishing the earthquake work, particularly the cutting edge of taking energy healing work into a stressed corporate world. I owe the animal world a great deal as it was my early connection with large and small creatures, and the natural environment, that kept my heart and soul in good health. My current canine girls reflect, and express vividly, my joy of life, whilst my cat reminds me, on a daily basis – that I am in Service.